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Who we are

Elencon develops a sophisticated IoT device which slashes A/C chiller energy costs by 20% – 35% while leaving internal room/building conditions unchanged.

Founded in 2013 as part of Horizon’s Incubator, Elencon evolved from the founders’ prior knowledge in Smart Grid systems. Their previous venture, Comverge Control Systems, was successfully acquired by a large corporation.

Our Team

Davidi Hollander


Davidi brings over 25 years of experience in leading start-up companies, business development, project management and R&D. Formerly, the founder and CEO of several hi-tech companies.

Tamara Liberman

Chief Software Architect

Tamara leads our software development team and specilaizes in data collection and computer communications. She brings over 10 years of experience from Comverge Israel.

Izidor Liberman

CTO- Founder

Izidor has over 20 years experience as an executive and leader in large energy management systems.
In his previous role he successfully led Comverge Israel to a large buy-out.

Dr. Ilia Spielberg


With over 15 year experience in programming as SW engineer and team leader. Ilia holds a PHd in physics and mathematics, and specializes in algorithms computing heat transfer and thermal energy.

Our Clients

Our Projects

Rotem Industrial Park With 250 cooling-tons. Achieving about 25% savings, due to requirements in various sensitive locations at temperature below 21Co.

Holon Institute of Technology Institute With 160 cooling-tons and Modbus communication protocol. Delivers about 40% in cost saving yearly. Including rarely occupied auditorium, labs and classrooms  

Hasharon Hospital Total of 580 cooling-tons and Modbus communication protocol. About 40% in cost savings. Specialty requirements: maintaining different/low temperature (below 21Co in 7 different/specified specialty rooms (surgery, etc.)).

Afcon Industrial Building With 680 cooling-tons, OPC interface with existing building management system. Specialty requirement - server rooms – with control, monitoring, and alert of temperature levels, achieving about 40% in cost savings.

Melisron commercial site (owned by the 'Offer brothers'). 510 cooling-tons, with BACnet communications.

Hines - Phoenix Az. Over 2000 cooling-tons, with BACnet communications