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CSMS – Chiller Smart Management System is a sophisticated IoT device which slashes A/C chiller energy costs by 20% – 35% while leaving internal room/building conditions unchanged


The device continuously monitors the facility, learns the building’s thermodynamical characteristics and improves over time using artificial intelligence.


The service is non-intrusive to any existing energy or building management applications and standard chiller system.


The CSMS constantly optimizes the chiller performance based on a range of parameters including weather, historical energy, current energy, temperature and humidity patterns, dynamic pricing of energy and the building’s thermodynamic map, resulting in a host of benefits:

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Significant cost savings at no risk

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Client comfort: no impact on personal comfort

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Environmental and CO2 emissions

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Stewardship: reduces electrical consumption to help grid during peak demand


Our Business Model: No Up-Front Costs or Risk

Elencon delivers this system to building owners via a “shared savings” model. We install and operate the system at our cost. We then use meter data and utility bills to keep you fully informed of the money you’ve saved on your electric bill and our fee, which is entirely based on a percent of that savings. In other words, we assume the risk. If you don’t save money, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple. In addition, we will further maximize your system’s earnings potential by enrolling you in regional and state-run energy and capacity markets. These programs offer even more shared savings. Likewise, we will pursue any local utility rebates or incentives available in your targeted market..